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Dave is a veteran, he served approximately 12 years within an Infantry unit in the British Army. During his time Dave served on 5 operational tours, got blown up 5 times and endured the RAF casualty evacuation pipeline once.

Dave now is a veteran working in London in technology consulting, he is constantly amazed at the synergies between his time shooting things and the tech world.


Dave is also a thinker; he joined the army rather than going to university so has never really scratched the thinking itch.

This means Dave thinks, a lot, he analyses, and forms opinions based on his experience fairly quickly. Fortunately, Dave learnt at a young age that one person’s opinion counts for nothing and that just because he thinks it’s a good idea doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. So, Dave attempts to remove his ego from his analysis of an issue.

The articles on this site are a collection of lessons/opinions that have formed and will continue to form in Dave’s head. Dave doesn’t think he has the answer but thinks talking / proposing answers and thought’s on an issue is the first step to understanding.

The articles in this site will vary and will mainly be on subjects Dave enjoys, so fitness and applying a veterans knowledge to the civilian world.


Dave writes primarily to externalise the stuff in his head, some of these externalisations will be structured and articulate. Others may be far less articulate. Either way Dave hopes you get something from each article.

Dave hopes you enjoy this website, he is keen to communicate on Twitter or Instagram.

God Bless

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